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Control Systems and Instrumentation

Our Controls Systems and Instrumentation Group has been the cornerstone of Testengeer since the formation of our company. Our staff has experience and a proven track record in designing and installing successful process control systems for a wide variety of industrial applications. We understand the needs and functions of operations, maintenance, and construction organizations and have a thorough knowledge of manufacturing processes.

Some of the many areas in which our Control Systems and Instrumentation Group can assist you are:

ISO 14001
Regulatory requirements (OSHA, TNRCC, and EPA)

Control Systems
System Integration
System Upgrades/Modifications
Process Optimization
Advanced Process Control (APC)
Distributed Control Systems (Honeywell, Fisher, Bailey, Foxboro, Yokogawa, ABB, Delta V, Honeywell, TCD 2000/3000, Experion)
Turn Key Project Management
Emergency Shutdown Systems
Control Panel Design
Network and Fiber Design
Safety Systems Design
Logic/ladders programming
Human Machine Interface (Wonderware, Modicon, Allen Bradley, Siemens, IFix, Citect)
Programmable Logic Controllers (Modicon, Allen Bradley, Siemens, Triconex, Mitsubishi, Direct Logic, GE Fanuc, GE Toolbox)
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA, IP21)
Single Loops Controllers
System failure analysis
Vision Systems – Cognex
Foundation Field Bus
Fiber Optics
Microwave Communication

Industrial Instrumentation
Smart Instrumentation
Pressure, temperature, flow, and level Measurement Applications
Instrument Justification
Control valve sizing and selection
Load cells and weight systems
Nuclear level instrumentation
Gas detection and Chromatographs
Analyzer applications/sample systems
Vibration monitoring
Alarm Panels
Analog/Digital Electronics
Hardwired Relay Controls
Pneumatic Instrument and Controls
Asset Monitoring
Calibration and commissioning

Installation Support
Construction support
Commissioning and startup support
Training packages
DCS Hot Cutover

System Support
Computer hardware
Custom software packages
System Integration
Microwave communications
Video monitoring
Network communications



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